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Prince George’s County Men Make A Difference Day – Tomorrow October 9, 2017

Men Make A Difference Day – Tomorrow October 9, 2017, at all PGCPS Schools

Tomorrow, all across our public schools in Prince George’s County, is “Men Make a Difference Day.”  This tradition was established several years ago by Dr. Michael Robinson, founder and co-CEO of Forest of the Rain Productions, and “acknowledges the vital role fathers and male role models play in the academic achievement of children.” The day has since become a PGCPS school system-wide tradition and “provides fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and other male role models with an opportunity to participate in several school activities and events throughout the day.”

To all of our fathers, father-figures, and positive men in our communities, please join our kids at your local school, at the start of school in the morning, to demonstrate the strength of family and community in Prince George’s County! 

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